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The f-ugly

Well it was that time of year again, time to get on the road for my annual week long what ever you want to call it trip where I hit the antique stores and abandoned lines hunting insulators and other interests. This particular line I have been hunting for the last couple years has been pretty sparse of any good insulators. But this was a new section and you just never know what you might run across. Area ViewThe weather had been pretty crappy the whole week but this was my vacation so I had better enjoy it since it would be another year before I got back out here. I set off hiking the line as the rain drizzled down making everything slippery and wet and headed up the side of the mountain following the downed poles and pole stumps. The line was installed in the early part of the 19th century to supply power to the mines and a small town in the region. In the early 90's the line was rerouted along the highway and the forest service required the power company to remove the old line but they could leave the poles as long as no hardware was left. Fortunately the contractors are not always very thorough in picking everything up especially when there is no road following the line. I stop at a pole stump and pick up half a pony insulator wondering where the other half might be, not that it mattered any since it wouldn't be very good whole anyways. Looking around for the other half I spot it a short distance away and fit the two together. I looked up and and spotted something under the small trees that looked like hardware. I love pole hardware in fact I have a shed out back full of all kinds of odds n ends, I call it my lineman's shack. There's enough stuff in there to construct a small line for whatever the reason might be. I reach down to grab it trying to avoid getting showered on by wet tree branches. Funny thing was it didn't want to budge and I discovered why. The ridge pin had a f-ugly growth attached to the end. Not exactly what I had in mind nor the fact that it was cemented on the end and couldn't be easily removed made my day any better. The f-ugly didn't appear to have any damage so I left it there to pickup on the way back down. Hidden fuglyOh, by the way, the f-ugly is an M 3048 unmarked Lima with the small top. How do I know? Well I do have a deserved reputation for an aversion to all mud but that doesn't stop me from knowing enough to make a quick buck off one of them mud daubers. I continued on not finding much along the way as it seemed that this section was pretty cleaned up. I was really after some of those cool cast iron pins and wire splices that were used along this line.. just can't have too many of those! I come to a spot where the young trees were growing thick in the right-of-way and come across a sidepin with a CD 106 light aqua Star. Well this wasn't bad, in fact this was the best thing I had found on the hike so far. I continue on until I reach an embankment and notice down at the bottom another light aqua insulator. I climb down and pick it up to discover another CD 106 Star. Well this is a good day! After seeing the way that f-ugly had attached itself to that cool ridge pin I wanted and no way to easily remove it I was feeling a little depressed. I head back and pick up the pin with the f-ugly attached and make it back to the truck just as a heavy rain storm hit. So what happened to the f-ugly? Well that's another story for next time!
Really fugly

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