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How I Got Started

I became interested in glass insulators back in 1982 when I was around seven or eight years old. I remember seeing these green glass things on the poles that followed the railroad tracks and thinking it would be way cool to have one or two. Some time later I was riding my horse along a railroad not too far from my house when I happened to look down and there in the farmers field next to the tracks was a light aqua, half missing, CD 133 dome embossed Brookfield. Well that piece was pretty special to an eight year old even though it was half missing! I still have it too!

Well that got me started in my quest for more insulators. I picked up a few more broken ones missing the skirts, as that was all that was left along the railroads in my area. It wasn't until a year or so later that I got my first whole insulators, a couple of clear Hemingray's (CD 154, CD 155). I began looking for other insulators at garage sales, thrift shops, and any other places I could get my fix. It's a very bad addiction! I must acquire new insulators on a regular basis to feed my habit. Sometime I will have to check myself into Insulators Anonymous and get help!

It wasn't until I was around 12 that I really got serious about collecting when I was introduced to the organized hobby by an insulator collector I met at an antique show (wish I knew who you were). I got my first insulator book, Milhollands Bicentennial Edition, and the companion price guide. I sure wish I could still buy them for the prices in that book today! I joined the National Insulator Association and subscribed to Crown Jewels Of The Wire.

I remember the first show I attended back in the Spring of 87. The pictures I had seen of insulator shows in Crown Jewels were nothing compared to being there in person and seeing so many different insulators! I saw so many different shapes and colors that it was overwhelming, including some of the prices! A couple of years later a national show was held close to home and thats where I had my first insulator display. I received a first place for the Junior category and a Crown Jewels of the Wire ribbon award.

Some of my better finds when I first started collecting included a CD 145 H. G. Co. beehive in J green for $5.00, a CD 145 H. G. Co. beehive in light cornflower blue also $5.00, and a CD 723 No Name (Wade) for $30.00.
I still collect only glass and I find that the more I get the more I have to have. I have over 1400 now and it continues to grow. When I run out of room I have made a promise to start specializing but that will be a long time away if I can help it!

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