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The One-Of-A-Kind

Every summer I like to take a week long vacation to see country and hunt insulators at antique stores and along abondoned lines. On one of these trips I was in an antique store looking for anything of interest and seeing the usual Hemingray 42s when there in front of me hanging on the wall was an insulator unlike anything I had ever seen before. I thought that would be a really nice addition to the collection until I saw the price tag of $75. Well I inquired at the counter if they would be able to take any less for it and was told no but that they had the phone number of the dealer and I could call the person if I desired. Well I figured there was nothing to lose so I gave the person a call. An older lady answered the phone and I introduced myself as an insulator collector and I was wondering if she would be able to sell the insulator without the frame for less. Well we got to talking and she said that her husband used to be a lineman and brought home some of the insulators from his job. She liked the one on the sidepin and well the rest is history. She told me I could have the insulator and the frame for $50. Needless to say it's been hanging in my insulator room ever since.

It truly is a one of a kind olive green Star 162!

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